How to register ?

Publié le 24/04/2022

How to register ?

To be able to vote, you must be registered on an electoral list. Registration on the electoral list is compulsory. It is therefore important to check that you are registered on the electoral list of your municipality and, if necessary, to register.

  • For the legislative elections, the enrolment deadline is Wednesday, 4 May online, and Friday, 6 May 2022 at the town hall.

    Applications for enrolment in the electoral register can be filed all year round. However, for an application for enrolment to be valid for an election, Article L.17 of the Electoral Code specifies that it must be filed latest on the sixth Friday before the first round of the election.

  • Any person who meets the following requirements may enrol on the electoral register:

    • Be a French citizen.
    • Be of legal age (18 years) latest on the day before the election or, in case of a second round, on the day before the second round.
    • Be entitled to enjoy your civil and political rights.

    For young adults who reach majority no later than the day before the second round, they will be able to vote in this second round only.

  • To enrol in the electoral register, simply visit the website

    This facility helps French and European citizens to apply for enrolment in the electoral registers of their municipality. You can equally enrol in the electoral register of your municipality by going to the mayor’s office. There, you will need to present proof of identity, proof of address/residency and a Cerfa form No. 12669 to apply for enrolment, which can be obtained at the mayor’s office.

    Please note that to enrol in the electoral register of your municipality, you must be eligible to vote (be a French citizen, of legal age and entitled to enjoy your civil and political rights) and prove your affiliation to the municipality. Such affiliation can be proven either by your address or residence in the municipality, or by your taxpayer status, or by your status as a manager or sole majority partner of a company affiliated to the municipality.

  • To confirm that you are actually enrolled in the electoral register and locate your polling station, simply visit the website

  • Should you encounter any difficulty with your electoral status, you can contact your mayor’s office.

    The contact details of your mayor’s office are available via the link

  • If you are a French citizen who has reached the legal age and you took your census from the age of 16 years, then your enrolment on the electoral register will be automatic and effective from the day after your 18th birthday.

    If you have not taken your census, you will have to personally enrol on the electoral register, using the online procedure on, or by going to your town hall.